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FY 2016 Reports
FY 2009 - FY 2016 Reports:


  • Compliance data provide information on a subset of the actions used by the FDA to bring firms into compliance, specifically data pertaining to Warning Letters, Seizures, and Injunctions. The compliance actions disclosed include only finalized and completed actions and are primarily used in the domestic arena. Actions pertaining to foreign firms often take the form of import alerts, and are currently not reported in this Dashboard release.
  • More than one establishment may be associated with one compliance action. The counts provided in this section reflect the number of establishments linked to the compliance action.
  • For more information regarding the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issued warning letters click here.

Certain information in these datasets may not be presented or may have changed since the posting. The datasets are updated semi-annually and only include final actions. If you need to present more recent or more complete data for official purposes or have questions about obtaining other data, please contact the Division of Freedom of Information about what materials may be available in electronic reading rooms or inquire about other datasets that would satisfy your needs.

For definitions of terms and data elements see the Glossary