Welcome to our Data Dashboard!

We are happy to announce the kick-off release of the Data Dashboard. The FDA Data Dashboard is a tool to share inspectional, compliance and enforcement related data in various, easily understood graphical formats. The tool allows users to drill down on elements within the graphical formats for a more detailed view and to export the graphs and underlying data.

About the Data

The underlying data used to generate the dashboard graphs are based upon transparency datasets and other data already available to the public through the FDA.gov website. The datasets and data include the Inspection Database, and selected data elements from the compliance and enforcement related information on FDA.gov. Additional data will be included in future releases of the Dashboard. You may find the location and additional information about each dataset and other data sources by clicking on the links below:

Recall data used in this Dashboard were based upon the Enforcement Statistics PDFs. For more detailed information about individual recalls, please see the Enforcement Reports and Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts webpages.

Inspectional and compliance data are refreshed on a semi-annual basis and only include final actions.

Please note that each individual dashboard page provides information pertaining to the data provided. These caveats provide guidance on the data being reported, data limitations and information on what the data represents. Additionally the following information is provided in an effort to enhance the user experience and define data limitations. All underlying data used to create the graphical representations are pulled from FDA’s transactional systems and are subject to change.

  1. Inspections and related data disclosed include completed and finalized inspections of clinical trial investigators, Institutional Review Boards (IRB), and facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold an FDA-regulated product that is currently marketed.
  2. Compliance data provide information on a subset of the actions used by the FDA to bring firms into compliance, specifically data pertaining to Warning Letters, Seizures, and Injunctions. The compliance actions disclosed include only finalized and completed actions and are primarily used in the domestic arena. Actions pertaining to foreign firms often take the form of import alerts, and are currently not reported in this Dashboard release.

Questions and Comments pertaining to the FDA Data Dashboard and source data may be directed by email to: FDADataDashboard@fda.hhs.gov